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Sharing knowledge, collaborating authentically, and building a shared future together is at the heart of who we are.

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Proud to be Employee-Owned

Proud to be Employee-Owned

8th Light is an employee-owned company, which is an important pillar in our culture.

It reinforces our values and principles, and empowers our team to influence our company’s direction. It is in keeping with the long tradition of crafters and gives us the space and flexibility to foster an innovative and forward-looking culture. 8th Light opened employee-ownership in 2014, and currently over 40% of employees are owners.

Our Values


We create our best work through authentic collaboration, diversity, and continually practicing care towards ourselves, our clients and our community.


We share our knowledge generously and create opportunities for our employees to advance their careers with intention.


We treat our clients’ goals as our own. We believe in empowering each other, our clients, and our communities to build a future, together.

Paid Apprenticeship Program

Paid Apprenticeship Program

We hire cohorts of paid apprentices from all backgrounds and experience levels to learn and grow into software professionals.

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Our story

8th Light was founded in 2006 to be a place where craft can thrive. Driven by the values of teaching and learning, it’s served as a home for hundreds of crafters on their paths to mastery in software. As our journey continues, we are constantly seeking out new challenges, new partners, and new team members who share our passion for crafting high quality software.

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  • August 2006

    8th Light founded in Libertyville, Ill.

  • ZigZag
  • April 2011

    Opened first office in Chicago

  • April 2012

    Opened office in Tampa Bay

  • ZigZag
  • January 2014

    Opened office in London

  • August 2014

    Opened office in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles
  • June 2015

    Opened office in New York

    New York
  • September 2016

    Acquired WisdomGroup

  • ZigZag
  • February 2018

    Opened office in Seattle

  • November 2020

    Invested in One World Coders

Our story

8th Light was founded in 2006 based on the premise that software is best written by small, disciplined teams who approach the development and design process with a shared vision. In the time since then, we’ve worked to build on the successes of that vision with our partners all over the world.

We come from different companies, locations, and cultures, but we are united by our commitment to the principles and practices of approaching software as a craft.

Our history is filled with rewarding and productive partnerships, and we’re most excited about what comes next. Whether you’re looking to join our team, or bring our principles and practices to your company, we’d be thrilled if you became part of it.

8th Light Leadership

8th Light is led by a principle of employee ownership, an insightful Board of Directors, and an experienced executive team.

  • Chair

    Maura Burns Watson

    Retired from Directorate of Digital Innovation, CIA

  • Carl Erickson

    Executive Chairman and Founder, Atomic Object

  • Chris McGowan

    Partner, CJM Ventures
    Adjunct Professor, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

  • Dave Moore

    Project Director, 8th Light

  • Fred Lee

    CTO, Cars.com

  • Jenny Farver

    CTO, Lightstream

  • Paul Pratt

    Vice President of Technical Services, T. Marzetti Company

  • Paul Pagel

    Paul Pagel

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul Pagel

    Rich Bartell

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Claudia Richman

    Claudia Richman

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Heather Corallo

    Heather Corallo

    Vice President, Consulting

  • Rich Feller

    Rich Feller

    Vice President, Product Design and Delivery

  • Colin Jones

    Colin Jones

    Chief Technology Officer

Our Partners

We intentionally foster a positive, inclusive community where everyone can learn and grow together.

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