Video: How To Get Started With Functional Programming and Elixir

Whereas object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming were once seen as two distinct paradigms, the increasing popularity of React Function Components has helped break down that divide. Now, developers can leverage the unique benefits of each paradigm to approach different challenges throughout their software systems.

That doesn’t mean the transition is easy. The foundational differences between OOP and functional programming requires a hard reset to re-learn some of the basics. “I hardly used recursion before,” Brian Sung says in his recent 8th Light University presentation. “For me, it was a huge struggle to wrap my mind around using recursion and not being able to modify variables.”

In this presentation, Brian walks through some of these key differences, and then shows how they work in practice with a live coding exercise. More than simply an introduction to functional programming, object-oriented developers will walk away with new ideas to improve their own craft. “When I pick up Ruby or JavaScript again, I want to apply more of a functional programming mindset to my code in the future,” Brian says.

About Brian Sung

Brian is a Software Crafter at 8th Light's LA office, currently working on an Elixir project. In his free time, he likes to ride his fixed gear bicycle, bake sourdough bread, and play video games.

About 8th Light University

8th Light University (8LU) is a semi-regular virtual event that is managed by 8th Light Inc, a global software consultancy. Topics focus on improving the craft of software development. Developers of all skill levels are welcome! Watch past event videos on YouTube or join the 8LU group to find out about upcoming events.

Brian Sung, Senior Crafter

Brian Sung is a principal software crafter and developer based in Los Angeles.

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