Feeling Othered

I recently had the distinct pleasure of speaking with three aspiring software developers. They recently enrolled in a code school that helps facilitate their learning...more.

Pair Fridays

8th Light has always had an open door policy towards developers. When anyone has asked to come hang out at 8th Light offices, we don’t...more.

Tag! I'm it!

David Chelimsky has tagged me with this “chain-blog.” I have enjoyed reading other peoples’ stories and I thought I would take the time to share...more.

Chirb Presentation

I gave a Chirb presentation last night on RubyCocoa, which went reasonably well. I’ve presented the slide here. Please be aware that the slides may...more.

A Snob

A little more than six years ago I started my first, and hopefully last, job at a massive cubicle farm. On my first day I...more.

Lending a Hand

At Agile 2007, we put on a workshop called RailsFest. The original intent was to provide a one day session would allow attendees an opportunity...more.

Got Real?

I heard about the Getting Real workshop from a good friend who is a web designer/developer. We used to talk some time ago about using...more.

Paper Bullet

Work has me visit lots of software teams around the world. This past week I visited a particularly fun team. They worked in a large...more.

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