Doug Bradbury

Stack Overflow

Let's play a word association game. When I say "stack overflow" what comes to mind? Is it Spolsky and Atwood's popular question and answer site?...more.

Walk and Code

A few years ago when we were buying furniture for the first 8th Light office I came across a piece called the WalkStation. It was...more.

That's Not Agile! Bibliography

Mondo Cane. 1962. McConnell, Steve. Cargo Cult Software Engineering. IEEE Software. March/April 2000. Frye, Colleen. Alistair Cockburn on what’s agile, what’s not. 2007....more.

That's Not Agile!

I’m a big fan of agile. I’ve long been convinced that the agile movement truly is uncovering ways to do software better. It’s revolutionizing the...more.

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