A Snob

A little more than six years ago I started my first, and hopefully last, job at a massive cubicle farm. On my first day I was introduced to everybody by my project manager, so nervous and uncomfortable that I barely spoke.

She introduced me first to the admin, who could stop traffic. She said hello with a big smile then chirped, “we’re twins!” Scrambling to get my jaw off the floor and seem cool and confident, I instead managed a pathetic grunt in response.

Sensing my confusion she pointed to my shirt and added, “See we’re both wearing green.” This suave ladies' man responded with, “oh,” then was ushered away to meet somebody much uglier and less interesting.

The admin thought to herself, “what a snob,” and returned to her duties. As Jim has often told me, I make an impression.

Last Sunday I became the happiest snob in the world when I married the still jaw–droppingly gorgeous former-admin. Fortunately for me I also make a second impression. See 8th Light and this blog in two weeks!

Eric Smith, Software Crafter

Eric Smith is a Principal Crafter at 8th Light Chicago.

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