Video: How Developers Can Contribute to the Ethical Tech Paradigm Shift

Fasten your seatbelts! Because while many of us were raised during a generation of “click-it-or-ticket” public awareness campaigns, the true story of how seat belts became a fixture in American automotive culture takes some surprising twists and turns. Far from a single, swift act of legislation, popular adoption of seat belts was the result of a long period of education, organization, and political struggle.

In a recent 8th Light University talk, Eva PenzeyMoog takes inspiration from that struggle to chart a roadmap for a similar paradigm shift in the tech industry. She describes the need to create similar campaigns of awareness, education, and advocacy if we want to arrive at legislation that makes software more ethical, more egalitarian, and safer — or in other words, a web experience with seat belts.

Arriving at a more ethical and humane tech industry will require new standards and regulations; but most of all it will require a new way of thinking about technology in people’s lives. By looking in the rearview mirror at a similar paradigm shift in automobiles, Eva’s talk helps viewers gain a clearer understanding of how to plug into activism, what to expect from a realistic roadmap, and how to pace yourselves for the long haul.

About Eva PenzeyMoog

Before transitioning to a career in tech and becoming a principal designer at 8th Light, Eva worked in the non-profit space and volunteered as a domestic violence educator and rape crisis counselor. She pulled from all of these experiences to write the book, Design for Safety, which details the most common vectors for interpersonal harm and how technologists can follow best practices to eliminate or reduce the potential for abuse.

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Eva PenzeyMoog, Designer

Eva PenzeyMoog is a Lead Designer at 8th Light Chicago, where she specializes in UX. She believes in thoughtful design and strives to reduce harm in the world through centering the safety of people using digital products.

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