Call for Translators

Two years ago, when Agile Alliance started a translation project for their manifesto, I was fortunate enough to be one of the translators of the Traditional Chinese edition.

Translating the manifesto was a chance for the community to consolidate the nomenclature, the definitions, and aims surrounding the Agile movement. The result was not merely a piece of paper written in foreign words, it was an emerging language that anyone who cares about software development can converse in.

Back in July, Joseph Yao, an Agile Coach at Autodesk and organizer for Agile Tour 2011 / Scrum Gathering 2012 Shanghai, contacted 8th Light via Software Craftsmanship mailing list and volunteered to translate the manifesto into Simplified Chinese. Having seen the positive effects of such projects, we had worked hard with Joseph and other China Agile community members to internationalize the manifesto website. And now we are finally ready to publish their contribution, as well as one of our own craftsmen, Patrick Gombert's Spanish edition.

At the time of this writing, Software Craftsmanship Manifesto had collected 10,787 signatories from around the world, and you can help us spread the word to even more passionate developers. Please contact lihsuan AT, if you would like to join our cause.

Li-Hsuan Lung, Software Crafter

Li-Hsuan Lung is a former 8th Light employee.

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