You remember the classic Simon game, right? The one where the electronic devise will blink a color and make a sound that you have to replicate by pushing the colored buttons.

The classic Simon game
The classic Simon game. ( source )

At RubyConf 2008, I cornered Jim Weirich and asked his opinion on Limelight. He didn’t feel like he had seen enough of it to give a good opinion. So we found an hour where we could both sit down and build a simple Limelight production. We decided to build Simon.

We built Simon using Limelight.
We built Simon using Limelight.

The result is really quite simple. It’s a couple hundred lines of code, UI, game logic, and all. It’s also got a suite of unit tests.

If Limelight is installed, you can download the production file, and double click it, or enter the url in the Startup Limelight Production.

Limelight Production file: /blog/files/

Limelight production file
Limelight production file

The Source Code can be found on github.

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