Micah Martin

Performing Code Katas

Coauthored by Kelly Steensma Wikipedia defines a kata as a detailed choreographed pattern of movement. Based on the Japanese word meaning "form", katas were originally...more.

Reflection on Hangman

Last week concluded the Hangman Ruby Sparring Tournament. Unlike the previous Battleship Tournament, I put the effort in to write a competitive hangman player (of...more.

Hangman Tournament

Several months ago, I hosted the Ruby Battleship Tournament. It was an all-round fun event where craftsmen sharpened their claws and pitted their skills against...more.


You remember the classic Simon game, right? The one where the electronic devise will blink a color and make a sound that you have to...more.

Tag! I'm it!

David Chelimsky has tagged me with this “chain-blog.” I have enjoyed reading other peoples’ stories and I thought I would take the time to share...more.

Announcing Limelight

I’m pleased to announce the open source Limelight project: A thin client and application framework written in Ruby (JRuby). Check it out at http://limelight.8thlight.com. http://limelight.8thlight.com...more.

Ruby DSL Blocks

There’s a common pattern I’ve seen for developing DSL in Ruby. It’s used in RSpec, the Statemachine Gem, and Unclebob’s Clean Code talk at RailsConf...more.


BOC is a testing pattern that Unclebob briefly mentioned on fitnesse.org shortly after it was published. It describes the typical steps taken in an automated...more.

Got Real?

I heard about the Getting Real workshop from a good friend who is a web designer/developer. We used to talk some time ago about using...more.

Paper Bullet

Work has me visit lots of software teams around the world. This past week I visited a particularly fun team. They worked in a large...more.

Buffer to the Rescue

Recently I was working on FitNesse to solve the problem of large file uploading and downloading. Previously when a file was downloaded FitNesse would happily...more.

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