Software Journeyman program

8th Light and Obtiva have partnered up to provide a journeyman program. Traditionally, a journeyman program is when a master craftsman hires a journeyman for a specific project.

This journeyman lives and works with the master, learning from her/his experience and helping the master produce craftwork. A lot has changed since this type of journeyman program was prevalent. We will have to alter the journeyman idea to fit the way we both do business.

Our program is the first software journeyman program that I know of. It consists of sending a craftsman to the another company for a specific amount of time. It is exciting to have the opportunity to travel to another workshop and gain new experiences. Being the first of its kind, it is hard to set hard goals.

I hope among them are the ability to see how a different style and thought process goes into software craftsmanship at different workshop. As a journeyman, I think it is important to be very diverse in skills and techniques, so you can use the ones which best fit your coding style and problem sets.

Our solidarity with Obtiva on the topic of craftsmanship provided a willingness to make the program work in today's business environment.

So, how did this happen? Corey Haines has been traveling the countryside on his own journeyman tour, dropping apple seeds. One of those seeds was getting 8th Light and Obtiva together in a room to hammer out solutions to all the obstacles involved in starting a cooperative journeyman program.

I am very thankful to Corey for being proactive in putting it together.

Paul Pagel, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Pagel co-founded 8th Light in 2006, and has been a driving force in the software community ever since.

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