Future Proof

I recently read Christin Gorman's blog [Future Proof]( In it she lambastes the idea that you can create code that is protected from future change....more.


Do you know the name _Michael Horn_? He's the CEO of _Volkswagen of America_. You know what's going on with Volkswagen, right? Dieselgate? The fact...more.

WATS Line 54

I had an interesting conversation with [Doc Norton]( this morning. And it got me to thinking... You know what an 800 number is. Some people...more.

Make the Magic go away.

I've been looking at [rxJava]( It's a nice little framework that helps you to create and manage observers. The design philosophy seems to be that...more.

Does organization matter?

> _I wonder if it's even possible to get all three of readability, hackability and abstraction._ > _-- Ben Kuhn. from [Readability, hackability, and abstraction](

When TDD doesn't work.

Over the years many people have complained about the so-called "religiosity" of some of the proponents of Test Driven Development. The [recent brouhaha]({{site.baseurl}}/uncle-bob/2014/04/25/MonogamousTDD.html) over TDD...more.

Monogamous TDD

When a [blog]( begins like this... >"Test-first fundamentalism is like abstinence-only sex ed: An unrealistic, ineffective morality campaign for self-loathing and shaming." ... you have...more.

Code Hoarders

Have you ever watched an episode of _Hoarders_, or a documentary about a hoarder? Shows like this were popular a few years back. They showcased...more.

The True Corruption of Agile

Andrew Binstock recently wrote a blog entitled [The Corruption of Agile](, which built upon another blog by Allen Holub entitled [The Agile Holocracy]( Allow me...more.

A Spectrum of Trust

The response to my two previous blogs: [Where's the Foreman]({{site.baseurl}}/uncle-bob/2014/02/21/WhereIsTheForeman.html) and [Oh Foreman Where Art Thou]({{site.baseurl}}/uncle-bob/2014/02/23/OhForemanWhereArtThou.html) continues to be mixed; and has gotten quite loud....more.

Oh Foreman, Where art Thou?

The response to my previous blog: [Where's the Foreman]({{site.baseurl}}/uncle-bob/2014/02/21/WhereIsTheForeman.html) has been mixed. While the vast majority of folks seemed to agree; there was a vocal...more.

Novices. A Coda

There has been some confusion about my recent post: [Hordes of Novices]({{site.baseurl}}/uncle-bob/2013/11/19/HoardsOfNovices.html). Many people who aspire to become craftsmen took the article to mean that...more.

Set the Tone With Project Setup

In [The Pragmatic Programmer](, Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas talk about software entropy and the [broken windows theory]( The premise of the broken windows theory...more.

The Humble Craftsman

There is another side to Ted Neward's [blog](; and it's a side that I agree with. I believe Ted's overall thesis and analysis was wrong....more.

The Laborer and the Craftsman

In a recent [blog]( Ted Neward made this remarkable statement: >I'm criticizing because this is what "software craftsmanship" gets us: an imposed segregation of those...more.

Why Frameworks?

Frameworks are about efficiency and effectiveness. They save you time. By forcing common conventions, a framework helps solve common issues like view rendering, asset generation,...more.


In the United States, in 1920, the manufacture, sale, and importation of alcoholic beverages was prohibited by a constitutional amendment. That amendment was repealed thirteen...more.

The Ruby Colored Box

I recently read a "blog": about a guy who had a bad interview. The blog was well written and pretty funny. He metaphorically described the...more.


I got an interesting email yesterday. It contained the following paragraph describing an email he had sent to his co-workers about a refactoring he had...more.

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