On Designing By Hand

With great power comes great responsibility. And as our lives become more entwined with technology, it’s a designer’s responsibility to ensure that each experience remains...more.

Designing Irrationally

Combining The Fibonacci Sequence And Typography Design Is Communication Design is separated from other visual disciplines by the emphasis it places on communication: a designer's...more.


Readability relates to those important typographic factors that are not rooted solely in the DNA of letterforms. In this realm, the typographer rejoices. For it...more.


When we judge the usability, or clarity, of a text passage, we usually do so according to two different criteria: legibility and readability. And while...more.

Humane Form Errors

Forms. Does anybody like filling them out? They can be annoying, maddening, time-consuming and sometimes, yes, even soul-crushing. Yet, everywhere we look on the web...more.

Tangible Typography

I am a trained sculptor and have always been comfortable being creative within the constraints of the three-dimensional realm. Ironically, I now find myself gainfully...more.

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