In the first Is TDD Dead? hangout, at time 30:25 @dhh makes a remarkable statement: "...you're not done until you also have tests for a...more.

The Little Mocker

The following is a conversation around mocking: What is this?: interface Authorizer { public Boolean authorize(String username, String password); } An interface. So what then,...more.

When to Mock

A mock object is a very powerful tool, providing two major benefits: isolation and introspection. But like all power tools, mocks come with a cost....more.

Testing Recursion

A short post to start the new year. Let's imagine that you are building an application that requires the application of a specific algorithm, but...more.

Simple Hickey

Rich Hickey gave a great talk at Strange Loop entitled Simple Made Easy. I strongly recommend you spend an hour and listen to this talk....more.

Test Driven Debugging

I hate debugging. Loathe it, despise it, pick your synonym and I’ll use it. Computer programming is building something out of nothing, making the computer...more.


BOC is a testing pattern that Unclebob briefly mentioned on fitnesse.org shortly after it was published. It describes the typical steps taken in an automated...more.

Self Shunt

The self-shunt method of testing has been conflicting for me. Self-shunt is a good testing pattern to test observers/views. A colleague of mine has started...more.

Over Mocking

I’ve noticed using more mocks lately. Instead of using them sparingly for controlling services which are not instrumental to what I am testing, I’m essentially...more.

Fresh Testing

Sometimes I sit down to write a test on something I haven’t worked on before or don’t know intimately, and I just can’t write the...more.

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