Transformation Priority and Sorting

January 1 2011
In this post we explore the Transformation Priority Premise in the context of building a sort algorithm.

We also explore comic books as a pedagogical tool.

posts/2013-05-27-TransformationAndSorting/p1.jpg posts/2013-05-27-TransformationAndSorting/p2.jpg posts/2013-05-27-TransformationAndSorting/p3.jpg posts/2013-05-27-TransformationAndSorting/p4.jpg posts/2013-05-27-TransformationAndSorting/p5.jpg posts/2013-05-27-TransformationAndSorting/p6.jpg posts/2013-05-27-TransformationAndSorting/p7.jpg

Comic created with Comic Life from plasq -

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