Modernizing the travel industry with a revolutionary digital platform

Modernizing the travel industry with a revolutionary digital platform

AXUS Travel App



While the world has gone digital, the travel industry that seeks to explore the world was still primarily paper-based and cumbersome.


We developed the industry’s first full-service solution that is truly digital, connecting travel agents and travelers with a modern platform that includes web and native mobile apps. We also crafted our partner’s stunning brand identity.


The underlying technology has spread throughout the travel industry, as we’ve white-labeled the app for a number of additional agencies.

While most industries have used technology to simplify or automate their most tedious processes, travel agencies lagged behind. They continue to rely on collecting scattered emails, phone calls, and even faxes to record travelers’ preferences and book a vacation that caters to them. It can be an overwhelming process that doesn’t travel well, and it was beginning to affect the quality of customer experience Julia Douglas was capable of providing. Douglas founded AXUS to make her agency’s workflow paperless, and eventually share this technological solution to transform her entire industry.

Crafting New Industry Solutions

We developed a powerful platform that incorporates the myriad complexities involved in planning every aspect of a vacation into a single application. Among many different integrations with hotels, restaurants, maps, event companies, and more, we also pioneered integrations with legacy systems in the airline industry. 

In addition to a Clojure web application, we also developed native iOS and Android applications so users can easily access full functionality while traveling, including an interactive itinerary and chat function with their agent.

We designed a streamlined and intuitive user experience while collapsing an entire travel brochure and tour guide into a simple interface that fits in your hand.

We crafted a new brand identity that imbues the user experience and marketing collateral with an elegant and luxurious ambience.

Forging New Frontiers With Technology

8th Light partnered with AXUS to design and develop the travel industry’s first full-service solution that is truly digital. We crafted the agency’s stunning brand identity, as well as the underlying technology that have been white-labeled for a number of additional agencies.

AXUS Travel App has established a new frontier in the travel industry.

My goal was really to have one application that would be all you need for your travel plans. And I think we’ve successfully achieved that.

Julia Douglas, Founder of AXUS

The AXUS application being viewed on a iPad tablet device

The application’s success led to 8th Light’s team creating a white-label version and onboarding numerous additional travel companies to leverage the same underlying technology for their own agencies. After several years, we also helped usher the product through an acquisition.

Without being dramatic, I think it will revolutionize the way the travel trade communicates with the traveler. It will allow us to communicate with travelers the way they expected to be communicated with.

Julia Douglas, Founder of AXUS

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