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Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship

One of the important catalysts in the Software Craftsmanship movement is the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship.

In early 2009, the software crafters of 8th Light were instrumental in writing this foundational statement of software craftsmanship values.

We continue to operate and maintain the website that hosts the manifesto and its signatories. The four values of the manifesto (well-crafted software, a community of professionals, productive partnerships, and steadily adding value) are the foundation of 8th Light, and remain core to our daily work.

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Software Development & Web Application Events

8th Light University

8th Light hosts a lunch-and-learn style meetup on various software topics. Talks are given by 8th Light software crafters, designers, or guest speakers, and they can range from discussions to hands-on exercises.

To find out about upcoming events, join the 8th Light University group.

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Software Craftsmanship North America

8th Light organizes Software Craftsmanship North America (SCNA), a conference featuring sessions that explore software craftsmanship. In 2015, SCNA brought software craftsmanship to Southern California with a fantastic one-day conference book-ended by a keynote from Bob Martin and multiple code retreats.

SCNA 2015

Open Source Contributions

As a community of professionals, we prefer open source tools that we can inspect, evaluate, and improve. The following open source projects were built and are maintained by 8th Light software crafters and designers.

Boucher is a suite of Rake tasks that simplfies your AWS deployment strategy.

Clojure Koans are designed to teach Clojure to beginners.

clojure.core is a host-agnostic implementation of Clojure.

Consistency Fail is a tool to detect missing indexes in Rails projects.

CSlim is a protocol for testing C based applications in FitNesse.

Elixir Koans are designed to teach Elixir to beginners.

Elm Koans are designed to teach Elm to beginners.

Erlang Koans are designed to teach Erlang to beginners.

Filament is a ClojureScript library for common client side behavior.

FitNesse is a simple tool for running acceptance tests.

GNU Smalltalk Koans are a set of tests that teach the Smalltalk language.

Joodo is a framework for web apps written in Clojure.

Limelight is a rich client gui for application development.

Maru is a Go framework with GTP implementation in Clojure.

Metis is a validations library for Clojure.

Noam IO is a messaging platform built in partnership with IDEO.

ObjectiveCSlim is an acceptance testing framework for Mac and iOS applications

OCDSpec is a Unit Testing framework for Objective-C with a BDD style syntax and fast test runners for Mac and iPhone.

REPLy is a fitter, happier, more productive REPL for Clojure.

Rubarb is a bi-directional event-driven procedure call framework for Ruby.

Ruby Statemachine is a full featured Finite Statemachine framework.

Selenium on Rails is a Rails plugin for easily scripting Selenium tests.

Speclj is a tdd framework for Clojure based on RSpec.

Swiftest is an implementation of a behavior-driven-development framework in Swift.

Swish is a command-line build tool for Swift projects.