8th Light Leadership

8th Light is led by a principle of employee ownership, an insightful Board of Directors, and an experienced executive team.


8th Light is an employee-owned company, which is an important pillar in 8th Light's culture. It reinforces our values and principles, and empowers our team to influence our company's direction. It is in keeping with the long tradition of crafters, and gives us the space and flexibility to foster an innovative and forward-looking culture. 8th Light opened employee-ownership in 2014, and currently over 40% of employees are owners. 8th Light aspires to put the team first, as our real value as a company are the people and their connections with each other.

Board of Directors

  • CHAIRMaura Burns Watson, Retired from Directorate of Digital Innovation, CIA
  • Carl Erickson, Executive Chairman and Founder, Atomic Object
  • Chris McGowan, General Partner, CJM Ventures; Adjunct Professor, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Dave Moore, Project Director, 8th Light
  • Fred Lee, CTO, Cars.com
  • Jenny Farver, CTO, Lightstream
  • Paul Pratt, Vice President of Technical Services, T. Marzetti Company

Executive Team