The Design Studio

We design simple, memorable, human interactions

The Design Studio at 8th Light is a passionate team of skilled designers, and our work clearly demonstrates that we love what we do.

We come from many different backgrounds, and are brought together by our shared enthusiasm for turning complicated technological problems into elegant and simple design solutions.

Not only do we refine our skills through many hours of practice, but we also learn how to implement our own responsive designs so that our eye for detail is reflected in the final product. We believe that a great design is in the details, so we pay attention to every pixel.

Before delivering any client work, we all spent anywhere from 6 to 12 months learning and practicing the craft of design through formal software design apprenticeships. We learned how to give and receive feedback, and how important that feedback is to the success of a design. We hope that with every passing iteration, you share our excitement.

8th Light Design Services

User Experience

At the heart of every good product are the positive, personal experiences and interactions it presents to its users. We make web and mobile applications for humans and must always keep that in mind. Our users and their experiences always need to come first, even when time and/or budget is tight.


  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • User Testing

Visual Design

Our team cares about every little detail, and we spend most of our time perfecting and polishing the entire application. The visual design process is one of the most exciting steps. Everything begins to come together while we add the layers of color and texture, and perfect the use of typography.


  • Web Design
  • Mobile Interface
  • Identity

Front-End Development

One of our biggest passions in the Design Studio is building. Our designers are not only creative visual and UX designers, but also creative front-end developers. We are always researching and practicing the best ways to build our frameworks, and like to craft durable, easily changeable layouts.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Prototyping
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AXUS Travel App Screenshot | Web Application Development from 8th Light

We designed the iOS and web app, marketing assets, and brand identity for AXUS Travel App so that travel advisors can provide a helpful and seamless user experience—no matter where their clients decide to go.

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“I learned very early on that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ and the design team at 8th Light created and delivered an indelible first impression. Designing the logo, website, and application interface ensured a consistent brand identity and flawless user experience.

The luxury of having world class designers and software developers under one roof is priceless.”

—Julia Douglas, AXUS Travel App

Application Design Process

User Flow Icon | Discovery Services from 8th Light


Our team will work with you to distill the needs of both the users and the business into clear, actionable goals. Once we have a shared understanding of the problem, we create.

Prototype Icon | Application Wireframe Development from 8th Light


We create wireframes and static prototypes to establish the flow, layout, and a base framework for the application. This helps to build up a consistent, shared language.

HTML & CSS Icon | 8th Light Web Design Services


We write HTML and CSS for the web that is clean, re-usable, responsive, and up-to-date with modern practices. This allows our frameworks to be flexible, durable, and easily maintainable.

Testing Icon | Continuous Application Testing from 8th Light


We believe that a little bit of testing goes a long way, and encourage you to do it as early and often as possible. Each interaction is important to the outcome of the final project.

Web Application Launch Icon | 8th Light Responsive Design Services


When everything has been implemented and tested, it's time to show off your product. We first launch to your staging environment for final approval, then to your customers.

Go Big Recruiting Front End Design Screenshot | 8th Light Responsive Web Design

We reworked the entire front end of the national collegiate scouting platform to make the website and its videos responsive to all screen sizes. We selected a new color palette and typeface, and redesigned the user flow to streamline the registration process.

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“Ross Tucker and I had a wonderful experience working with Stephanie and Adam during the the design phase of our project. They took the time to listen to our concept, while always guiding [us] to be mindful of best practices.

I'd highly recommend 8th Light for any design work you are considering, now or in the future. Don't accept any final bids until they have responded to your RFP!”

—TJ Gaynor, Go Big Recruiting

Meet the 8th Light Design Team

8th Light's team of designers are passionate about discovering, designing, and developing software solutions that endure.