Happy Birthday, Software Craftsmanship Manifesto!

Happy Birthday, Software Craftsmanship Manifesto!
March 07, 2014

Today marks the 5th Anniversary of the publication of the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. We are doing a couple of things to celebrate to mark the day.

Blog Link-up

I've asked a few people to blog on the following question:

Do you think that the bar of professionalism has been raised in the 5 years since the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto was published? Why or why not?

If you'd like your blog added here, hit me up on twitter.

New Features for the Manifesto Site

Several folks pitched in to add a couple of features to the manifesto site. Think of it as a birthday present! Thanks to the work of Li-Hsuan Lung, Kevin Liddle, Sandro Padin, Graham Brooks, and Nick Meccia You can now search for your name among the 12,000+ signatories. There is also a new "metrics" link to a chart that shows the growth of the signatures over time. It's amazingly linear. Check it out

8th Light University

I am speaking tomorrow (March 7th) at 8th Light University. My slides are available and the video will be available later on the 8LU site.