Software Development


Applications for this summer's internship program are now closed. Please check back later this year for updates regarding the next internship cohort.

About this position

Take the next step to prepare for a career in software development.

Are you interested in becoming a junior developer? Do you have familiarity with at least one programming language, but lack experience working in a professional software environment? Are you looking for internship experience to prepare for a job in the software industry? Then talk to us!

After 11 years of training and mentoring software professionals to design and develop more robust software solutions, 8th Light is excited to launch a new program geared toward people looking for their first jobs as software developers.

While you might be proficient in one language and have familiarity with a few different tools and technologies, our internship fills in the gaps and offers hands-on practice to prepare you to deliver quality software in professional work environments.

This is a three-month, unpaid program. Interns will come into 8th Light's downtown Chicago office from June to August to develop quality software under the guidance of 8th Light mentors. Time commitment is flexible to accomodate the additional commitments an intern might have, though we require at least 20 hours per week in our office during normal business hours. It takes time to learn and without the opportunity to work in person with the group of interns - and 8th Light Crafters - it's difficult to make progress.

The curriculum will include both individual and group projects, and will synthesize a variety of tools, technologies, and disciplines into a program that mimics professional software environments. The focus of the program is on building the skills of the interns. Interns will not be participating in billable client work.

This program is also different from an apprenticeship at 8th Light. Regardless of prior experience, our team of Software Crafters begin their careers at 8th Light with a paid apprenticeship period, a time focused on learning both technical and consulting skills. It is specifically designed as a preparation step for the individual's role at 8th Light. In contrast, our intent with the internship position is to help aspiring developers improve their skills so they are prepared for their first job as a professional developer.

Interns are expected to be eager to learn and committed to giving their best effort throughout the program.