Software Developer

Student Apprentice - Los Angeles

                  • Eligibility Requirements

                    You must have the legal right to work in the United States or be a United States citizen if applying to one of our United States locations. Similarly, you must have the right to work in the United Kingdom if applying to our London location.

                    Persons hired must present acceptable proof of identity and proof of their legal right to work. The authenticity of the documents will be verified before employment begins.

                  About this position

                  Discover whether a career in software is right for you.

                  Student apprentices have some experience writing code and are eager to learn more, but they don't have experience writing production code in a professional environment. Student apprentices are relatively new to software development.

                  A student apprenticeship is a great option for individuals in any or all of these situations:

                  • They have less than one year of software development experience.
                  • They do not have much, or any, professional experience in any field.
                  • They are not yet ready to commit to a career as a software development consultant.
                  • They are looking for guided learning during summer or winter breaks from school.

                  Student apprenticeships focus on achieving proficiency in one programming language and introducing the principles and practices of software craftsmanship.

                  Some students join this program with the goal of advancing to residency, while others focus on improving their software development skills before moving on to another opportunity.