8th Light Chicago | Custom Software & Web Development

8th Light's largest and busiest office is located in the epicenter of Software Craftsmanship in the U.S., downtown Chicago.

With office space both downtown and in the suburbs, we have been able to work with many of Chicago's top tech companies. Whether embedded in client teams or building web applications from scratch in our studio, we bring a disciplined and agile approach to every project we work on.

Since 2010, we have established ourselves in Chicago's thriving software scene, which offers Meetup groups for just about any language or software topic imaginable.

We are committed to the principles and practices of software craftsmanship, and are always eager to share our knowledge and experience with others.

Meet the 8th Light Chicago Team

8th Light's team of software crafters and designers are passionate about discovering, designing, and developing software solutions that endure.

Aaron Lahey, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Aaron Lahey

Software Crafter

Alexandru Codreanu, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Alexandru Codreanu

Software Crafter

Anda Cabrera, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Anda Cabrera

Software Crafter

Becca Nelson, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Becca Nelson

Resident Apprentice

Breanna Reader, Operations Admin | 8th Light

Breanna Reader

Operations Admin

Brian Nystrom, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Brian Nystrom

Software Crafter

Brian Pratt, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Brian Pratt

Software Crafter

Byron Woodfork, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Byron Woodfork

Software Craftsman

Chris Peak, Designer | 8th Light

Chris Peak


Colin Jones, Chief Technology Officer | 8th Light

Colin Jones

Chief Technology Officer

Craig Demyanovich, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Craig Demyanovich

Software Crafter

Cyrus Vandrevala, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Cyrus Vandrevala

Resident Apprentice

Damon Kelley, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Damon Kelley

Software Crafter

Dariusz Pasciak, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Dariusz Pasciak

Software Craftsman

Dave Torre, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Dave Torre

Software Crafter

Diana Calvache, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Diana Calvache

Software Crafter

Doug Bradbury, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Doug Bradbury

Director of Software Services

Elizabeth Engelman, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Elizabeth Engelman

Software Crafter

Emmanuel San Miguel, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Emmanuel San Miguel

Software Crafter

Eric Meyer, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Eric Meyer

Software Craftsman

Eric Smith, Director of Training Services | 8th Light

Eric Smith

Director of Training Services

Erica Garcia, Designer | 8th Light

Erica Garcia


Eva PenzeyMoog, Designer | 8th Light

Eva PenzeyMoog


Geoff Shannon, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Geoff Shannon

Software Craftsman

Ginny Hendry, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Ginny Hendry

Software Crafter

Hailey Fasse, Administrative Assistant | 8th Light

Hailey Fasse

Administrative Assistant

Haley Lyjak, Administrative Assistant | 8th Light

Haley Lyjak

Administrative Assistant

Hana Lee, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Hana Lee

Resident Apprentice

Jake Nations, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jake Nations

Software Crafter

James Christie, Software Crafter | 8th Light

James Christie

Software Crafter

Jason Goodman, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jason Goodman

Software Crafter

Jeff Ramnani, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jeff Ramnani

Software Crafter

Jerome Goodrich, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jerome Goodrich

Software Crafter

Justin Holzmann, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Justin Holzmann

Resident Apprentice

Kevin Buchanan, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kevin Buchanan

Software Crafter

Kevin Kotowski, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kevin Kotowski

Software Crafter

Kevin Liddle, Software Craftworker | 8th Light

Kevin Liddle

Software Craftworker

Kevin Zolkiewicz, Journeyman Design Apprentice | 8th Light

Kevin Zolkiewicz

Journeyman Design Apprentice

Kim Carten, Executive Administrative Assistant | 8th Light

Kim Carten

Executive Administrative Assistant

Kim Chovanec, Marketing Intern | 8th Light

Kim Chovanec

Marketing Intern

Kofi Gumbs, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kofi Gumbs

Software Crafter

Kristin Kaeding, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kristin Kaeding

Software Crafter

Kyle Sparks, Writer | 8th Light

Kyle Sparks


Lisa Hamm, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Lisa Hamm

Software Crafter

Malcolm Newsome, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Malcolm Newsome

Software Crafter

Margaret Pagel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing | 8th Light

Margaret Pagel

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mike Danaher, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Mike Danaher

Software Crafter

Mike Ebert, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Mike Ebert

Director of Software Services

Mike Jansen, Vice President of Operations | 8th Light

Mike Jansen

Vice President of Operations

Mike Knepper, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Mike Knepper

Software Crafter

Myles Megyesi, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Myles Megyesi

Software Crafter

Nicole Carpenter, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Nicole Carpenter

Resident Apprentice

Noah Rogers, Designer | 8th Light

Noah Rogers


Paul Pagel, Chief Executive Officer | 8th Light

Paul Pagel

Chief Executive Officer

Ray Hightower, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Ray Hightower

Director of Software Services

Rob Mulholand, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Rob Mulholand

Software Crafter

Robert Looby, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Robert Looby

Software Crafter

Ryan Verner, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Ryan Verner

Software Craftsman

Sarah Sunday, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Sarah Sunday

Software Crafter

Spencer Carvill, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Spencer Carvill

Software Crafter

Stephen Walker, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Stephen Walker

Software Crafter

Taka Goto, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Taka Goto

Software Crafter

Tom McGee, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Tom McGee

Resident Apprentice

Tyler Decker, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Tyler Decker

Software Crafter

Vincent Storme, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Vincent Storme

Software Crafter

Zachary Davy, Software Craftsperson | 8th Light

Zachary Davy

Software Craftsperson