London Custom Software Development

8th Light’s London office is a diverse team with diverse skills. All of our software crafters entered the office from a range of experience in the software industry, but we were united by our singular pursuit of continual learning and crafting clean, durable, and elegant code.

Our work demonstrates our passion for crafting bespoke software solutions that adapt and grow with your business. We work with clients to discover some of our industry’s most challenging problems, and develop solutions that are elegant and durable.

Whereas many software developers work on the same project for extended periods of time, our software crafters rotate through a variety of different problems that present unique challenges. We are software generalists, comfortable applying the principles and practices of our craft to any language or framework. We look forward to sharing our passion for building an excellent software development partnership with you.

Our London Custom Software Development Process

8th Light's developers are software crafters. We work through an iterative, agile process. We work in pairs, use Test Driven Development at every stage of development, and integrate continuously.

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Software Delivery

Transform your current system with the aid of our experts.

  • Software Product Development & Design
  • DevOps & Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Digital & Legacy Platform Transformations.
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Software Consulting

Construct bespoke custom software following our proven processes.

  • Medium and large companies.
  • Small companies with big software needs.
  • Companies with existing systems or development teams.
8th Light Design Services

Design & UX

We design simple, memorable, human interactions.

  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Front-End Development
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8th Light partners with international design firm IDEO to transform the Royal Academy of Arts' digital presence, bringing the venerable institution into the 21st century.

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Software Development Apprenticeship

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A software consultancy is only as good as its consultants, and 8th Light invests heavily in our apprenticeship programme to ensure that ours are the best. Emphasising hands-on experience curated by a working professional, our modern apprenticeship programme trains software crafters to be polyglots with practical experience applying the principles and values of our craft to any software language or framework.

Unlike the UK’s standard apprenticeship programme, 8th Light’s modern apprenticeship is not a substitute for university education. Applicants are expected to have a strong background in software, as well as the passion and humility necessary to become lifelong learners.

Our software crafters have a passion for writing code as an end in itself, and a desire to be lifelong learners who constantly improve their skills. We offer the first steps on that path in our apprenticeship programme.

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Job Opportunities

Meet 8th Light's London Custom Software Development Team

8th Light's London team of passionate and experienced software crafters and designers are an essential and growing part of our software development company.