8th Light Los Angeles | Custom Software & Web Development

8th Light is leading the charge for software craftsmanship in Los Angeles.

Since opening the office in 2014, our team has spread the principles and practices of software craftsmanship by diving head-first into the local software community. We attend, present at, and organize MeetUp groups as often as possible, and are eager to work on open source projects with other passionate developers in the area.

Our team is small, but has grown by hiring local developers. All of our software crafters are hired through our modern apprenticeship program, which provides a period of intensive learning and practice that prepares us for the demands of delivering high quality code.

We work closely with our clients to help discover and solve difficult problems in a wide range of technologies.

Meet the 8th Light Los Angeles Team

8th Light's team of software crafters and designers are passionate about discovering, designing, and developing software solutions that endure.

Byron Woodfork, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Byron Woodfork

Software Craftsman

Cat McLoughlin, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Cat McLoughlin

Software Crafter

David Hautefeuille, Marketing Intern | 8th Light

David Hautefeuille

Marketing Intern

Dave Moore, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Dave Moore

Director of Software Services

Jayden Sung, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Jayden Sung

Software Craftsman

Javier Trevino Saldana, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Javier Trevino Saldana

Software Craftsman

Kirby Bryant, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kirby Bryant

Software Crafter

Malina Tran, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Malina Tran

Resident Apprentice

Matthew Higgins, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Matthew Higgins

Software Crafter

Richard Cheng, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Richard Cheng

Software Crafter

Robert Gu, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Robert Gu

Software Crafter

Sylwia Olak, Software Craftsperson | 8th Light

Sylwia Olak

Software Craftsperson

Tom Kowal, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Tom Kowal

Software Craftsman

Tony Baik, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Tony Baik

Software Craftsman

Zach Olauson, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Zach Olauson

Software Craftsman