8th Light helps the Mayor’s Fund For Los Angeles connect youth to better job opportunities.


The City of Los Angeles runs a program called Hire LA’s Youth, which connects the city’s 81,000 “disconnected youths” to summer jobs. This group of young people, aged 16 to 24, are out of school and need help finding meaningful opportunities they are interested in. The existing program runs on a lottery system, so it does not always match individuals with the jobs that fit their preferences or skill sets. 8th Light collaborated with the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, JobCase, and Amavitae to build a web application that connects individuals to future work relationships that are better suited to them and and to their employers.

8th Light’s team designed and built a responsive web application that collects user data, interfaces with third-party applications to store the users’ career recommendations, and enables users to apply for those jobs. We built a lightweight API to integrate with Amavitae and leverage their career assessment tool to understand what careers are an ideal match for a given user. Then, we enabled users to apply for those jobs directly with JobCase.

The project was completed in five weekly sprints by two of 8th Light’s resident apprentices, guided by an experienced software crafter. Each week, the team demoed the application to the client to show progress, gather feedback, and ensure the project was progressing as planned. These regular communication loops are equally important to 8th Light as well-crafted code, because they help us ensure we are building the product that is the best fit for our client’s needs.

"The 8th Light team is efficient and professional! Tom, Andrew, and Ian were a real pleasure to work with, and delivered the project built to spec and on-time."

— Karlo Marcelo, The Mayor’s Fund For Los Angeles

By leveraging this technology, the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles can empower youth in their city to find a future based on their needs and desires, rather than simply the luck of the draw. 8th Light is enthusiastic about giving back to the local community, and this project offered an opportunity to lead initiatives that help build a vibrant tech community in Los Angeles. We hope to see our efforts bring sustainable value to the community and businesses in Los Angeles.

“8th Light turned what easily could have been a daunting development task into a straightforward, transparent, and even fun process. They onboarded quickly into our problem domain and were able to develop insights about our users that even our subject matter experts missed. Working with Tom, Andrew, and Ian was as enjoyable as it was efficient, and being their point of contact was a unique learning experience for me to see what a well-oiled machine they’ve built. I’ve worked with a lot of dev shops and developers, and 8th Light are easily among the finest; I’d recommend them to any organization looking to tackle a complex software problem.”

- Travis Korte, The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles

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