Our Principles

At 8th Light, we adhere to a strict set of principles. We use these principles to guide our practice, and assure that our performance upholds our standards of excellence. Each principle illustrates a different way that we apply the values in the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship to a practical setting.

What we value

Well Crafted Software, hammer and wrench icon.

Well-Crafted Software

We humbly demonstrate our expertise by delivering quality software. We do not inflate our abilities or claim expertise where we have none.

We continually master a variety of technologies and techniques. We do not let unfamiliarity dissuade us from using the best tools.

We take responsibility for the correctness of our code by testing it thoroughly. We do not tolerate preventable defects.

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Steadily Adding Value

We estimate with diligence. We do not let fear or pressure make us promise what we can’t deliver.

We always apply our best efforts to complete our work. We do not make excuses.

We work at a sustainable pace. We do not burn out.

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A Community of Professionals

We embrace differences of opinion and personality. We do not allow our current practice to impede improvement.

We prefer open source tools that we can inspect, evaluate, and improve. We avoid proprietary products that lack transparency.

We teach anyone with a willingness to learn. We do not hoard our knowledge or practices.

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Productive Partnerships

We show respect for our customers and fellow software crafters. We do not act unprofessionally or unethically.

We communicate our progress honestly and openly with our customers. We do not conceal or embellish.

We partner with our customers to understand their business. We do not propose solutions until we are sure we have found the right problem.

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