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8th Light Process Venn Diagram | Test Driven Development & Software Consulting
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) Icon | 8th Light Code Testing

    Test Driven Development

    Before we write production code, we write test code to establish the expected behavior. As the system grows, we run these tests to help ensure that our software continues to behave as expected and without bugs.

  • Learning Icon | 8th Light Continuing Software Education & Training

    Continuous Learning

    We are proud of our culture of continuous learning. We gather every Friday afternoon for talks, workshops, and cross-team pairing to learn from each other.

  • Software Iterations Icon | Software Development Process from 8th Light


    We build software in short, one-week release cycles called iterations. Working this way allows us to provide continuous value and adapt to changing requirements.

  • Continuous Integration Icon | 8th Light Agile Software Development

    Continuous Integration

    Multiple pairs of developers often work on the same projects. To maintain the integrity of our codebase, we use sophisticated version control to continuously merge and test the code our teams produce.

  • Pair Programming Icon | Software Coding Experts from 8th Light

    Pair Programming

    Each workstation is comprised of four hands, two keyboards, and one computer. We have found that writing code in pairs produces higher quality, encourages diversity of thought, and creates higher overall productivity.