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We build software through an iterative, agile process that allows us to deliver quality and value at every step. Every aspect of our process is focused on continuous learning and improvement.

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    We specialize in breaking large systems into composable parts that we can deliver in short, weekly iterations. This approach facilitates rapid feedback cycles from product stakeholders who help to define the outcome, and helps us deliver quality in every line of code.

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    Test Driven Development

    Driving our development with Unit and Acceptance Tests helps us avoid waste, ensuring that every single line moves us closer toward a system that behaves how you intended.

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    Pair Programming

    We program in pairs to bring a laser focus to our day-to-day feature development, which promotes continuous momentum and efficient problem-solving. When we collaborate, we share knowledge and build skills, which breaks down silos and builds cross-functional teams.

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    Continuous Integration

    We integrate our code into the system continuously to ensure we have never traveled too far when something unexpected happens. This practice also enables a “ship anytime” mentality, meaning you can deploy a working system at any iteration.

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    Continuous Learning

    Each line of code tells us something about the final product. Every product and every new feature starts out as an abstract destination, and becomes more concrete with every iteration as we learn more about a product’s shape and receive feedback from product stakeholders and customers.

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