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Embrace and install a technical culture of continual learning.

An ideal team is one that grows along with your system. Introduce formal and informal mentorship opportunities to ensure the team you need to take the next step is always the team you already have.

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We guide you through your digital products’ growth

  • Legacy Platform Transformation

Bring your legacy app up to speed

Reduce technical debt and operational overhead. We will help your team transition your existing system to a modern, flexible, and secure platform capable of keeping up with your business’ needs.
  • Digital Transformation

Become a digital-first organization

Digital transformations focus on re-engineering the functionality of your software and the business processes that rely on it. Whether re-architecting your application, changing your management structure, or providing formal training, we will help evolve your entire technical organization to be healthier, more reliable, and better aligned with your business needs.

We improve the way your teams work together

  • Agile Coaching

Implement impactful processes

We’ll work with your team to determine exactly what ceremonies help them to achieve quicker results, more frequent feedback, and more reliable delivery cycles.
  • DevOps Transformations

Measure and manage high-performing teams

Improve your team’s productivity and prevent costly surprises by adopting DevOps best practices. We measure your team’s current skill levels and delivery performance to identify opportunities for improvement, and help implement a values-driven approach to developing, deploying, and monitoring your code in production.

We enhance your teams skills

  • Holistic Onboarding

Apprenticeship as a service

Grow your next generation of technologists with experiential learning through the model of apprenticeship. We will partner with you to develop a custom, mentor-based onboarding program that will train your new hires and set them up for successful and rewarding careers at your company.
  • Team Training

Acquire and distribute new skills

Whether you want to up level your team, provide technical learning opportunities, break down silos between team members, or empower individuals to thrive in a remote setting, our training courses will provide your organization with the tools and resources it needs to put your teams on the path to excellence.
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Example Training Courses

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Establishing a Security-First Mindset

Learn how to develop secure web applications from step one.

Two people examine a paper document

Putting Research Into Production: From Exploratory Code to Reusable Software

Learn how to take data analysis research and turn it into robust software code.

Closeup of a laptop with code displayed on the screen

Building Reliable and Maintainable Software Through Automated Testing

A solid automated testing structure will make your software more effective, more reliable and more easily extended.

A woman speaks into a microphone at her computer

Being an Effective Remote Manager

Learn management and communication strategies designed for remotely distributed teams.

A man works at a laptop with an external monitor

Laying A Strong Foundation With Healthy Coding Practices

How to level up developers with object-oriented programming skills and best practices.

Close up of a laptop with code on the screen

Mastering Object-Oriented Best Practices

The best way for experienced developers to pick up object-oriented programming skills and best practices.

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Case Studies

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Implementing a modern apprenticeship

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Women Employed

Leading change for women’s advocacy through content-driven design

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Public Benefits

Benefit Kitchen

Helping low-income Americans discover benefits with a streamlined deployment pipeline

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Regardless of where you are in your project lifecycle, we tailor our services to meet your business needs.

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