Grow Your Next Generation of Technologists

Our mentorship-based technical on-boarding program will set up your new hires for success.

Upskill your team

Apprenticeship will develop your teams and improve the culture of your organization.

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We bring apprenticeship to you

8th Light was founded on the core principle of apprenticeship. Our software crafters are hired through a Modern Apprenticeship program. We find high-potential talent from a wide array of backgrounds and experience levels. We transform them into high-performing software developers through a principled, mentor-based approach to learning software development with a custom curriculum to match their goals and interests.

We have helped companies upskill their software teams, recruit and retain talent, and foster a learning culture through apprenticeship. We know you want to be an employer of choice, and we can help you.

I want to...

Diversify my team

Diversity drives innovation. It’s not a pipeline problem—it’s an onboarding problem. Apprenticeship reduces the barrier of entry for non-traditional candidates without lowering the quality of talent.

Elevate our consistency and quality

A training-focused, mentor-based onboarding program will ensure that your developers will have the skills they need to produce high quality software faster and more consistently.  It ensures that everyone is on the same page, and can continue to grow as software professionals through continuous knowledge sharing and ongoing mentoring.

Find the developers I need

By expanding the talent pool, you will be able to grow your team faster by finding high potential people and providing them with mentorship and support.

Retain my developers for longer

By providing cross-training opportunities to your current team of software developers, you will be able to retain valuable domain expertise by sharing their knowledge and insights to other parts of your organization.

Foster a learning culture

Apprenticeship allows team members to immediately contribute to a learning culture. New hires will gain the basic skills and competencies, mentors further their training with ongoing feedback, and soon the apprentices become mentors themselves for the next cycle.


As highly skilled mentors, instructors, and consultants, we bring a depth and breadth of experience to your organization, which we willingly share to achieve your goals and advance your business.

Bespoke Curriculum

We begin with a discovery process to deeply understand your needs. Your apprenticeship curriculum will be customized to the scale of your organization, designed with integrity and intention, and built to be easily incorporated into all areas of your organization.

Learning Culture

The path from beginner to expert for your developers can only be traveled successfully with peer guidance. Apprenticeship will provide you with a framework to create a culture of learning within your organization to steer your developers down the path to excellence.

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Regardless of where you are in your project lifecycle, we tailor our services to meet your business needs.

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