Software Development Partnership Team

8th Light's software partner team of skilled crafters and designers thrives when working inside of your code and alongside your development team to forge a business partnership and software product that understands your business.

Why You Should Become A Partner

The best technical solutions emerge from close collaboration between people with a deep understanding of the business and those with expertise in the software that powers it. Our software partner team has extensive experience helping transform companies and teams of all sizes who have encountered pain points in their software or business, but there is no substitute for domain knowledge. Our software development partnership team integrates with existing businesses and subject matter experts to collaborate on problems and discover innovative solutions.

We are passionate about building long-term partnerships with clients to understand their business needs more fully and to build and maintain a durable and extensible software system that is specifically tailored to address those needs long into the future. Several of our clients have worked with us for multiple years.

Quality software allows your business to pivot. Our crafters will help discover the sticking points in your application and make incremental improvements that make your software flexible without limiting the many opportunities available to your business.

We are constantly learning new skills and perspectives, and will always choose the solutions that are the best fit for your project. A significant portion of our current work includes programs built with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and React, Clojure, Java, Python, iOS, and Android.

I’ve found [the 8th Light consultants] to have, not only a deep understanding of the subject matter, but also a deep curiosity of how to do something better.

Chris Hein, former Vice President of Information Technology, NCSA

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