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Managed Software Services

Dedicated software professionals to manage your software so you can manage your business. We provide quality software help and technical consulting services for companies of all sizes.

Maintain your company’s foundation

Software Maintenance and Support

From small and mid-size companies to enterprise, whether commercial or non-profit, we provide services for businesses and organizations that have critical custom software applications and needs, but no software team to support them.

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Cloud Migration

Reduce your operational costs while gaining the flexibility and dependability of cloud-based infrastructure. We will migrate your servers to the cloud, configure them to your performance needs, and protect against spending creep with ongoing monitoring.

Software Enhancement

Seize opportunities for growth with new features and enhancements. We can help you save money and time by easily ramping up and down workload across our team of expert software consultants.

Software Stabilization

Are you experiencing unnecessary slowness, bugs and crashes, and other hindrances? Our team will find the problems, correct them, and implement appropriate safeguards so they don’t resurface.

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Peace of Mind

Gain a sense of relief knowing that your software applications are in good, capable hands.

Experts On Demand

Get quality software help, technical guidance, and technical expertise without the pressure to hire and continually fund internal software expertise.

Own Your Code

Throughout our engagements, we empower our clients to own and operate their systems. You retain ownership of all the code we write, and will have the knowledge and tools to continue without us if you choose.

Open and Honest Conversations

Software is only as successful as the business it supports, so we communicate honestly, openly, and frequently to ensure we’re delivering impactful solutions carefully.

Optimized Workflows

We work alongside your team to increase efficiencies by removing clunky manual processes and spreadsheets. We can craft unique products that automate workflows and provide secure storage solutions.

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Regardless of where you are in your project lifecycle, we tailor our services to meet your business needs.

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