Software Development

Develop software that drives your business’ success.

Get quality software help, technical guidance, and technical expertise without the pressure to hire and continually fund internal software expertise.

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We build custom software products

  • Web Application Development

Custom, quality web applications

Our principled and collaborative approach ensures we deliver quick progress and long-term solutions at every step—architecture, prototyping, developing, testing, and deploying your code.
  • Mobile App Development

Small screens, big impact

Develop a powerful native mobile application or a progressive web app that allows your business to connect with users wherever they are.
  • Feature Development

Growing your system, faster

We help work through your backlog by delivering quality custom software at regular intervals.
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We improve the quality of your existing software

Accelerate delivery performance and embrace practices for continuous improvement.

  • Software Architecture

Build quality into the foundation

Unlock the speed, flexibility, scale, and automation benefits of the cloud by making your architecture cloud native. We will help your team define a modular, services-based architecture, and develop your infrastructure as code in the cloud.
  • Pipeline Optimization

Deploy frequently and reliably

Gain stability in your deployment processes with automated builds, testing, and deployments. We’ll introduce infrastructure as code and containerization techniques to streamline workflows and remove surprises from deployments.
  • Cloud Migration

Migrate to the cloud

Reduce your operational costs while gaining the flexibility and dependability of cloud-based infrastructure. We will migrate your servers to the cloud, and configure them to your performance needs.
  • Software Stabilization

Resolve bugs with fixes that last

Don’t let unnecessary slowness, bugs and crashes, or other hindrances slow down your business. Our team will find the problems, correct them, and implement appropriate safeguards so they don’t resurface.
  • Software Rewrites

Leverage your wisdom to rewrite your platform

We’ll work with your team to capture the important lessons and logic within the system it’s replacing. That transition will come with thorough testing practices that ensure we deprecate code only after the new system has adequately achieved feature parity.
  • Data Engineering

Let data drive your business

Generate intelligent and actionable insights with a robust and reliable data platform. Our data science experts will craft a custom solution that lets you collect and analyze the data that’s most valuable to your business.
  • Security

Build more secure systems

Build more secure systems by integrating security into every phase of the development process. Our software crafters bake security directly into features by introducing automated test coverage for security requirements, conducting security reviews early to avoid rework, and integrating security expertise throughout the development process.
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Technologies we’ve been using lately

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How we work with you

At 8th Light, we believe that great software products and processes emerge from close collaboration between those who hold the company’s vision and those with the technological expertise to propel it forward.

Staff Augmentation

Our crafters partner with your teams to collaborate and craft software solutions that elevate your enterprise.

Project Teams

Our cross-functional team of Product, Design, and Delivery experts will take your next product vision and support you on your journey in bringing it to market.


Having 8th Light on retainer offers you the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted team of experts available to jump in and help navigate technological obstacles.

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Case Studies

Case study image
Image Marketplace

Obsidian Collection Archives

Preserving Black legacy through a digital platform for archival imagery

Case study image

Health Worker Data Alliance

Supporting health workers through the COVID-19 pandemic with insights into well-being

Case study image


Helping families find simple and reliable information about IVF clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Regardless of where you are in your project lifecycle, we tailor our services to meet your business needs.

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