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Product Design & Development Services

Whether you need an entire application built or just a small boost for your development team, we’ll help accelerate your progress and deliver impactful results.

Develop Your Impact

Build the best value for your software investments by improving your processes and enhancing your technology.

Accelerate delivery performance

Our approach directly impacts the key metrics that define high performing delivery teams: shorter lead times, higher deployment frequency, lower mean time to restore (MTTR), and lower change fail percentage.

Quicker time to value

We will help you identify your application’s core differentiators, and craft a product roadmap that lets us deliver those features as quickly as possible. 

Greater reliability and security

Our team’s premium skill sets and principled approach to crafting software ensure your code is built on a foundation that’s solid and secure.

Cost savings

Our focus on quality means you don’t end up paying for the same thing twice. We deliver your product quickly, and in a way that can easily scale and evolve as your business needs it to.

Ability to experiment

Our iterative process creates rapid feedback cycles. We break systems into manageable chunks, allowing us to demo working software regularly and incorporate feedback to discover the best solutions as we build them.

Continuous improvement

Continual learning is a core value at 8th Light, and practices like test-driven development, pair programming, continuous integration, and retrospectives allow us to improve the quality of your system as it grows.

Unlock your team’s potential

We’re passionate about sharing knowledge with each of our partners. Through practices like pair programming and informal mentorship, we’re able to introduce new concepts and let your team learn by implementing them directly in their daily work. 

Trusted Solutions For Every Phase of Delivery

Software & App Product Development

Discover the quickest path to value, and build your product in a way that can easily scale and evolve as needed. We will deliver quality into every step—including architecture, prototyping, developing, testing, and releasing your unique system.

Software & App Product Design

Gain confidence that the user experience you’re creating is the right one with a robust discovery and design process. Our design professionals will help you synthesize a diverse range of inputs into elegant and intuitive design solutions.

Staff Augmentation

Accelerate your team’s pace of work with embedded software delivery experts. We will not only deliver quality code, but also model behaviors for your developers, and identify opportunities to improve your team’s skills and processes.

Agile Planning

Implement strategies that effectively align expectations and drive collaboration with stakeholders. Prioritize and manage your backlog and establish a sustainable delivery pace that gets and keeps you on track toward your goals.

System Architecture

Unlock the speed, flexibility, scale, and automation benefits of the cloud by making your architecture cloud-native. We will help your team define a modular, services-based architecture, and develop your infrastructure as code in the cloud.

Designed for the user, developed for scale

We help support a software system at every step of its lifecycle—from original ideation sessions to design, product release planning, and delivery. Wherever your product is now, we help you bring it to the next level.

  1. Idea
  2. Discover
    • Product management
    • Research
    • Consulting
    • User testing
  3. Design
    • Software design
    • Data architecture
    • Modeling
    • Project planning
  4. Develop
    • Software development
    • Training
    • Quality processes
  5. Deliver
    • Software deployment
    • Production support
    • Management services
    • Performance monitoring
  6. Repeat

Our Team, Your Tech

We’re committed to using the best tools for the job. Lately, these have been the most common.

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Regardless of where you are in your project lifecycle, we tailor our services to meet your business needs.

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