Whether creating a new project from scratch or simply adding to your existing application, a team of 8th Light software crafters and designers can make anything you dream a reality. Years of industry experience has made us the perfect fit to bring your software and application ideas to life.

Why the Studio Model

Discovery / Kickoff

We start each release cycle by defining the vision and strategic goals.

The entire team meets for a half day to understand and establish the value and complexity of the release.

Together we define the smallest set of features needed to deliver value to the business or customer, called the minimum viable product (MVP).

We assign this feature set a ballpark estimate, and develop a budget and date for release. At this stage there is still quite a bit of scope and complexity left to uncover, but it is good to establish preliminary expectations.

Iterations | Agile Software Development

We use a core agile methodology principle that suggests developing software in short cycles, called iterations.

Using one or two week iterations, we receive rapid feedback on the existing features, and can then adapt the plan. The best projects treat innovation as a continuous process rather than a moment in time. We can use our experience using the product each week to reimagine what the product could become.

This re-imagination process can even affect the features we decide to develop. We write stories for the following iteration in each Iteration Planning Meeting (IPM). A story is how we translate use cases into requirements that can be built as software. They are made up of a collection of example scenarios required to create the feature, called Acceptance Criteria (AC).

When each scenario in the AC is complete, the story is complete and ready for demo and approval in the next IPM. There are three types of stories that will be part of an iteration, and each will be assigned a “point” value that will be used for billing:


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