Corporate Software Development Training Services

8th Light offers comprehensive corporate software training services with classroom instruction, on-site mentoring, private lessons, and software residencies. Your organization can also take advantage of 8th Light's successful apprenticeship program.

The best way to become a software professional is a highly qualified mentorship program, and we can kickstart this process with your employees through our corporate software development training.

Accommodate your specific needs without compromising quality. Choose from our different services:

Classroom-Based Corporate Software Development Training

Classroom training is appropriate for groups of any size, including your entire organization.

We will share knowledge on how to write clean, readable code and create extensible designs. We will teach in a format suitable for easy comprehension, which combines a lecture/discussion style with hands-on exercises.

The duration of classroom corporate software training can be as short as a single day, or as long as a whole week, and can take place on your campus or ours—whatever works for you.

We can teach your team almost any language or platform, including Java, C#, iOS, C++, Ruby, Clojure, or other disciplines independent of languages, such as testing or system design.

Example courses include:

  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Front-End Craftsmanship

Private Software Training Services

Practice leads to mastery, and just like athletes, musicians, or other performance artists, software developers need to invest time to improve their skill.

Whether you need an introduction to a new technique or are looking to augment your current knowledge, 8th Light private lessons can help.

Follow a curriculum of your own choosing, or opt for an instructor to assess your abilities and recommend a customized path to mastery. Take courses wherever is convenient—at one of our offices, at yours, or even remotely.

Example courses include:

  • Test Driven Development
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Legacy Code
  • Architecting Large Systems

On-Site Coaching

Coaching begins before we even meet, with an interview to assess the problems your team is currently facing.

That way, when on-site, we can get to work right away, enabling your team to immediately apply learned skills to real-life situations.

Even mealtimes will be immune to idleness—we will give presentations and exercises during daily “Lunch & Learn” sessions.

At the end of our stay, we will provide an informal assessment of the problems faced and their solutions. Providing feedback and deciding on improvements together will enable your team to make changes for the long term, and to bring best practices into their everyday work experience.

Corporate Software Development Residency

Software has a greater impact on society than ever before, and yet inexperienced developers routinely begin their careers working on mission-critical systems with limited guidance.

Just like surgeons and physicians, developers at 8th Light are required to complete a training course before operating on a live server, ensuring contributions that improve a project rather than create liabilities. We understand the gravity of business, and we take seriously the code we write.

With a curriculum proven by numerous graduates of our apprenticeship program, 8th Light can mentor your team to the same level of success. Developers of all types will benefit from a residency—novices will gain new techniques to solve increasingly difficult problems, and veterans will learn how to mentor apprentices of their own.

Entire teams can participate in week-long, accelerated programs, complete with daily lessons and culminating in a final project.

Example courses include:

  • Web Development
  • Building iOS Applications
  • Scaling and Security

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