Software Training Opportunities

Choose from an array of 8th Light's comprehensive corporate software training options. Through lessons curated and delivered by industry experts, your people will grow as developers and leaders within your company.

  • Weirich Institute of Software

    Invest in your people. With our unique continuing education designed specifically for software professionals, you'll see immediate improvements in your developers.

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  • Apprenticeship

    By combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, apprenticeships are the best way to learn a craft. With more than a decade managing and refining our own internal apprenticeship program, 8th Light can help you introduce apprenticeship to your teams.

  • Assessment & Evaluation

    Hiring is challenging, but 8th Light can help with the assessment and evaluation of prospective developers at your company to make sure you're building the best team for you.

  • Team Training

    Combining lecture and discussion with hands-on practice and group exercises, we'll work with your team to develop their skills in a specific topic.

  • Private Lessons

    Whether you need an introduction to a new technique or are looking to augment your current knowledge, 8th Light private lessons can help. Take courses wherever is convenient—at one of our offices, at yours, or even remotely.

  • Customized

    While these services describe our most common engagements, we're happy to work with you to create a customized program.

We help businesses level up their people.