DevOps Consulting Services

Release more value more frequently with a culture of collaborative DevOps

Prevent costly surprises in production.

  • Accelerate the pace of development with continuous delivery.
  • Migrate your software to the cloud to optimize your infrastructure costs.
  • Protect your system from downtime and the unexpected.

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Prevent Costly Surprises In Production

Avoid developer downtime and make releasing new features routine.

Streamline and automate deployments with a predictable deployment pipeline. Releasing new features becomes automated and routine.

Everyone On The Same Environment

Teams ship code more rapidly when everyone’s local development environments look the same.

We help teams improve documentation and put infrastructure in tested and reusable code so they can avoid the common QA problem in which “it worked on my machine!”

Safe Spaces To Fail

Fragile code often causes new bugs in production, so we configure staging servers that replicate the production environment, providing a safe place to fail and debug.

Automated Deployment Tasks

We streamline the process of sending your developers’ code to your user-facing application by creating automated testing processes that remove costly and error-prone manual tasks.

Accelerate the pace of development with continuous delivery

Release new features rapidly and expand your revenue opportunities.

Tighten feedback loops between your developers, operations developers, your system, and your business stakeholders with a continuous delivery strategy.

“Working software is the primary measure of progress”—and we help teams adopt strategies that facilitate rapid delivery of working software.

Contain & Eliminate Preventable Bugs

Integrating your code more frequently means it’s faster to track down bugs, preventing them from affecting larger parts of your code and keeping your project costs under control.

Tighten Feedback Loops

Automated Continuous Integration tools help developers capture crucial stakeholder feedback early and often. We help teams deliver the right thing that provides the most value the business by adopting workflows that ensure their product never goes too far without working as expected.

Seamless Collaboration

We help your team configure servers and tools to enable rapid deployments, and enable a collaborative workflow that puts your entire company in lockstep.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your software to the cloud to optimize your infrastructure costs

Migrate your infrastructure to an autoscaling cloud-based solution.

With autoscaling configurations, you minimize costs during normal activity, and can easily spin up extra bandwidth when your traffic swells.

Eliminate maintenance costs, and make your team more flexible to addressing the problems that benefit your business.

We prioritize the redundancy, stability, and security of your data by following an incremental approach.

Depending on your unique needs, we can help your team:

  • >Migrate filesystems, database storage, and application servers to Amazon S3, RDS, and CloudFront CDN services.
  • >Configure servers for auto-scaling so you don’t pay for more servers than you need.
  • >Configure automated monitoring tasks, and provision infrastructure at the speed of your development processes.
  • >Migrate from a hosted Platform as a Service (like Heroku) to a more customizable Infrastructure as a Service solution in the cloud.

Protect your system from downtime and the unexpected

Gain real-time visibility of your system’s key health indicators and detect system issues before they affect your business’s revenue.

We introduce and configure production monitoring and alerting tools so you can quickly identify issues and respond before they become problems.

We employ a variety of tools and techniques to help you understand your system performance.

  • >Load testing ensures the application’s performance is reliable during traffic spikes.
  • >Trigger alerts on pre-defined symptoms so nothing comes as a surprise.
  • >Promote fault-tolerance with automated multi-region and multi-availability zone failovers that protect you from the rare outages by a cloud service.
  • >Generate on-the-fly metrics for important jobs.
  • >Save disk space by transferring logs to CloudWatch.
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