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From developing mobile strategy and APIs to crafting reliable native code, our crafters build mobile products to expand the reach of your business.

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        Our Mobile Approach

        We help you determine the best strategy for your business, and then build a custom solution from the server on up.

        • >We build rich, reliable experiences that delight users.
        • >Find the balance between ROI and usability by working alongside your team to understand your business, and testing prototypes on live users.
        • >Build mobile products that are powerful, performant, and intuitive to use by levaraging the latest tools and technologies.
        • >Ensure your app doesn't slow down as it scales or cause unnecessarily drain on your users' battery life by following best practices and writing clean code at the system level.

        Mobile Strategy | Navigate the tradeoffs

        You don't need to sacrifice the power of your product or your brand to reach mobile users. Regardless of your specific needs, we can help craft a product that gets the most out of your mobile experience.

        Mobile Services

        • > If you need a brand new mobile application, we’ll help determine your ideal strategy, and build a high-quality mobile solution from scratch.
        • > If you have one native app but need help releasing the Android or iOS port, we’ll build up the companion app, and get both set up for maintaining release and feature parity. We’re well-versed in the conventions and features unique to both iOS and Android.
        • > If your app has slowed down and is no longer providing a quality user experience, we’ll tune your app to get it humming along again.
        • > If you’re struggling to maintain feature parity across applications, we’ll help implement a collaborative workflow that assures continual delivery.
        • > If your API is making your application fragile, we’ll re-tool your API to be a robust and flexible platform for your applications.
        • > If you need to handle payments, implement single sign-on solutions, or add a CRM, we’ll integrate with the third-party service in a clean and secure way.
        • > If you need to support the latest version of a mobile SDK, we’ll update your code to fully support it.
        • > If you need a prototype that will be able to grow into a full-feature release, we’ll build a prototype that is easily extendable and maintainable long into the future.
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        Mobile UX

        Different screen sizes present unique constraints on an application's usability.

        Mobile users behave differently than users on desktops or tablets. We perform user research to ensure your mobile app is appropriate for its actual use cases, not its theoretical ones.

        Every year, new devices are released with new screen dimensions. It's no longer sufficient to design for a set number of screen sizes—designs need to be fluid. Our responsive layouts adapt to fit natural break points within the design itself.

        Mobile Tools & Technologies

        Each mobile strategy navigates its technological tradeoffs differently. Our team of generalists and specialists will help you select and execute the strategy best suited for your individual needs.

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