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The first steps in building your mobile application don't involve any code. We meet to discuss your ideas in human terms, and discover the product that can drive the most value for your business.

Once we map out the product that will match your business needs, we begin developing the program through an iterative, agile process that demonstrates our progress each week. This creates regular opportunities for you to give feedback, and make sure we’re continuing to build the product that perfectly matches your business needs.

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Reach Mobile Users with Responsive Design

The problem with most web applications is that they are designed for a desktop or laptop experience. When viewed on an iPhone, Android, or iPad, the design fails or the content is limited.

To solve the problem, our designers employ responsive design techniques to ensure a delightful experience for users no matter their device. Responsive design offers one way to deliver an enjoyable mobile experience to a wide audience while keeping costs under control.

What does your business need to thrive?

We help determine the best strategy for your business, and then build a custom solution from the server on up to the interface.

  • A website that works seamlessly on different screen sizes and devices.

    • Rich mobile web apps
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • JavaScript
  • A mobile application that balances modern technology and technical cost.

    • React Native
    • Xamarin
    • Progressive Web Apps
  • A mobile application that leverages the power of modern phone technology.

    • iOS & Android
    • Swift
    • Objective C
    • Java

Small Screen, Big Picture

Your application is only as powerful as the code that powers it, so we write custom solutions that span the entirety of the stack.

Servers & Databases

The server is the backbone of your application, so don’t rely on pre-baked services. We write low-level systems code that is flexible enough to support a variety of user interfaces, whether you need a web-based, native, or non-native platform.

We use industry-standard practices and tools to allow seamless back-end integration throughout your business’ life cycle.


Application Program Interfaces are the building blocks of mobile applications. They allow different mobile devices to interact with a shared server and database.

Regardless of the mobile strategy that makes sense for your business now, we’ll make sure it’s built on top of a robust, reliable, and well-documented API that will be easy to integrate with whatever solutions you need in the future.

Mobile UI & UX

Every year, new devices are released with new screen dimensions. It's no longer sufficient to design for a set number of screen sizes—designs need to be fluid. We are passionate about crafting beautiful and rich user interfaces, and perform user testing to ensure they remain intuitive to use at any screen dimension.

We have experience crafting all sorts of user interfaces, from simple static pages to fully rendered 3D.

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8th Light’s mobile app development and design process keep the client informed and in control

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