Mobile Application Strategy

Which mobile app is right for my business?

Navigate the tradeoffs

Mobile apps come in all shapes and sizes, each optimized to address different needs. You don't need to sacrifice the power of your product or your brand to provide a positive mobile experience.

Whether you need a simple, cost-effective solution that provides a better user experience or a fully-functional standalone native application, we can help you ensure you're preparing your business for success in both the long- and short-term.

What does your business need?

A website that works seamlessly on mobile devices


Redesign your website to be responsive and modular

There’s no need to duplicate developer effort just to recreate your existing website for mobile users.

Our Design Studio has extensive experience redesigning websites and applications to be responsive, and optimized for several different screen sizes at once.

We perform user research to understand your users’ priorities, build around those features, and then test its effectiveness with actual users.

A mobile application, but nothing fancy


Cross-Platform / Hybrid Application

If your application doesn’t require significant phone features like GPS tracking or advanced storage, we’ll build a cross-platform/hybrid solution that minimizes developer effort while still working seamlessly on any device.

We have experience building applications in React Native, Xamarin, and other technologies that allow us to develop within a single codebase and render seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

Hybrid applications are built quickly, because they only require a single code base that will work for both iOS and Android devices.

A mobile application that deeply leverages mobile features


Native iOS and Android Applications

Harness the full power of modern mobile devices with native Android and iOS applications.

We are well-versed in the conventions and features unique to each platform.

We keep your native apps in feature and release parody throughout their development cycle.

Small Screen, Big Picture

Your mobile app is only as good as the back-end code that powers it. We write custom solutions that span the entirety of the stack.

Server & Database > API > UI