Remote Manager Training

Help your distributed team thrive by breaking down the barriers of remote work and creating inclusive, safe, and supportive environments.

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Our course will prepare you to manage distributed workflows effectively.

Remote work can help bring more diversity and talent to your teams. It also poses unique challenges to a manager tasked with getting everyone on the same page, holding them accountable, and giving them the feedback, support, and resources they need to grow.

  • Develop a remote community of managers who can support one another
  • Establish remote self-management practices to reach team members
  • Provide effective feedback remotely
  • Understand how to develop and coach for inclusion when you aren’t face to face
  • Develop new remote management habits and put them into practice
  • Understand how remote tools enable strong management practices
  • Integrate effective remote pairing practices

Our remote manager training covers the breadth of challenges to managing remote teams.

  • Communication & Inclusion

    Focus on building a safe and supportive environment where your team can do their best work.

  • Emotional Intelligence
    & Self-Awareness

    By getting to know yourself better, you will be able to model better habits, and measure your progress as a manager.

  • Time Management

    Discover new techniques for investing your time, using your energy, and making decisions that allow you to have more control and make more of an impact.

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback

    Difficult conversations are made even harder over remote connections, but it’s a skill that you can improve with repetition. We simulate real life scenarios with practice role playing.

  • Building Trust

    Build a strong foundation for trust in your workplace by displaying vulnerability, consistency, care, and respect.

  • Fostering Belonging

    Confront your unconscious biases, and learn to identify and respond to micro-aggressions, biases, and privilege as they appear in different venues like video calls, shared documents, email or Slack conversations, and more.

  • Following the Law

    Gain an understanding of employment law basics, and when to involve HR. We will offer some general policies and practices to help you manage consistently and fairly across employees.

  • Nobody Trains You on This Stuff

    Learn the principles to be an effective ally no matter what circumstances might come your way. Our sessions offer the space to work through tough situations and how to handle them.

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