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8th Light is proud to be a Ruby on Rails development company. We build high-quality Ruby applications that stand the test of time.

8th Light has pushed the frontier of high quality Ruby applications since our very first client in 2006

Whether working with small start-ups, partnering on massively distributed applications already in the marketplace, or training a team of software developers to apply the principles and practices of our craft, we bring a decade of experience as a company using Ruby on Rails to deliver high quality software products.
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Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is a powerful development framework that allows developers to get started writing software quickly.

8th Light’s software crafters can develop and launch the basic functionality of your web application quickly, leveraging our familiarity with the platform’s many tools to build out architectures and develop features at a rapid pace.

Although the framework allows for rapid delivery at an application’s early stages, relying on such large tool belts can limit your application’s ability to adapt and grow in the future. Our software crafters have extensive experience navigating the pros and cons of such a powerful framework, and will not let our team’s early momentum sacrifice the long-term quality of your application.

Ruby development is ubiquitous because it is easy to get started developing quickly, and easy to craft readable code that can be shared and quickly understood by new members to a team. We will help train and onboard your new team of software developers to maintain and extend your new application.

They were always able to explain things in a way that made sense to me.

Ross Tucker, Founder and CEO of Go Big Recruiting

Example Ruby Development Services

  • > Expert consultancy on system design and architecture that will create a healthy ecosystem for years to come.
  • Extract microservices from your monolith.
  • Transition to a service-oriented architecture.
  • > Extend your application with new features, without sacrificing the quality of your original system.
  • > Ensure the accuracy of your code by developing with Test Driven Development.
  • > Transition to a more flexible and easily maintainable software system by refactoring.
  • > Make sure your code is easily maintainable in the long-term by refactoring to follow SOLID design principles.
  • > Work closely with your existing team to build and maintain in Ruby applications.
  • > Promote industry best practices within your organization to minimize risk and maximize your team’s ability to deliver functional, high quality code.

Software Development Blogs

We publish many of our insights and lessons on 8th Light's Blog

Our software crafters are passionate about learning new and more productive ways to leverage the Ruby language and ecosystem, and teaching Ruby’s best practices to anyone who wants to learn.

  • “We can still write Ruby, or any other object oriented language perfectly fine while adhering to our favorite functional principles.” Continue reading »

  • “These are just a few examples of how faster-failing code can help us to keep our implementations cleaner and easier to reason about, but there are hundreds of examples in the real world. Just keep your nose open for the smells that can occur: if you find yourself checking for nil a lot, or tying yourself to an external library's errors, refactor to faster failure.” Continue reading »

  • "Every Rails project I've worked on has gotten where its test suite takes more than 15 minutes to run ... With this in mind, I decided to find a different way to build Rails apps." Continue reading »

  • “The "Rails Way" often seems like an absolute, all-or-nothing approach to web application development, but you can choose to use whichever parts of it you prefer. My personal preference is a hybrid approach featuring a traditional, horizontal Rails `app/` directory and a vertical, domain-driven `lib/` directory.” Continue reading »

8th Light Portfolio

Read about how we've used Ruby on Rails to deliver a diverse range of products, from self-contained mobile applications to massively distributed platforms for global e-commerce companies.

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