Uncle Bob

Future Proof

I recently read Christin Gorman's blog Future Proof. In it she lambastes the idea that you can create code that is protected from future change....more.

WATS Line 54

I had an interesting conversation with Doc Norton this morning. And it got me to thinking... You know what an 800 number is. Some people...more.


In the first Is TDD Dead? hangout, at time 30:25 @dhh makes a remarkable statement: "...you're not done until you also have tests for a...more.

The Little Mocker

The following is a conversation around mocking: What is this?: interface Authorizer { public Boolean authorize(String username, String password); } An interface. So what then,...more.

When to Mock

A mock object is a very powerful tool, providing two major benefits: isolation and introspection. But like all power tools, mocks come with a cost....more.

Flash - TPP

February 3 2011 I read a nice blog today exploring the Transformation Priority Premise using the flash card kata. The author did it in both...more.

Fib. The T-P Premise.

February 2 2011 Guilherme Silveira wrote a lovely blog exploring the Transformation Priority Premise using the Fibonacci sequence. He posed a suite of tests similar...more.

FP Basics E4

Lazy Evaluation Remember my squares of integers program in clojure? (take 25 (squares-of (integers))) Remember that I showed you this program in Java too? public...more.

FP Basics E2

Why’s it called Functional? In the previous episode I told you what all the functional programming hubbub is all about. Remember: Referential Transparency and the...more.

Brave New Year

This is going to be one of those annoying, rambling, touchy-feely, new-years blogs. You know the kind. One that tries to make you think about...more.

FP Basics E1

What’s Functional Programming all about? By now you’ve almost certainly heard of functional programming. I mean, how could you miss it? Everybody’s talking about it....more.

Three Paradigms

In the last 40 years computer hardware technology has increased the computing power of our machines by well over twenty orders of magnitude. We now...more.

Simple Hickey

Rich Hickey gave a great talk at Strange Loop entitled Simple Made Easy. I strongly recommend you spend an hour and listen to this talk....more.

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