Software is our Craft.™

As a custom software development company, 8th Light builds software—from mobile to microservices—that is beautiful, durable, and shows pride in workmanship.

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Should Your Company Invest In A Custom Software Development Service?

As a business leader, you have goals to achieve with a limited amount of time and money.

  • Will a web app really make money for your company?
  • How much money will you need to invest in the project?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Should you be focusing your time somewhere else?

Read this easy guide to find out if custom software is right for your business right now.

If you're still not sure, ask us!

8th Light Custom Software Development Service Example

Our Locations

Culturally, they are really good people to work with. I always felt they were part of the team and really cared about our success.

Chris Hein, NCSA

I can't say enough about the people who worked on our site. I would describe a story to them, and the next week they would have it done exactly as I saw it in my head.

Johnathan Ross, LawVault

8th Light's ability to take our CMS ideas and turn them into reality was an invaluable step forward for our company.

Karen Auiler, AEGIS Publications