Introducing Collaborative Craft, a new podcast by 8th Light

We're excited to introduce our brand new podcast, Collaborative Craft. The trailer is available now wherever you listen to podcasts.

We call Collaborative Craft a "love letter to curiosity." We're curious about how developers, designers, and other leaders in the tech industry have been able to deliver custom solutions to ambitious problems. As software consultants, we've had the privilege of experiencing how different organizations—big, small, young, and old—navigate their technological challenges and transformations. Throughout this podcast series, we will follow our curiosity and dive into stories that show how companies really get things done, both at 8th Light and in the industry at large.

We hope you follow our podcast account on Twitter, subscribe to the RSS feed, share it with your friends and colleagues, and be on the lookout for our first full episode later this month.

We also want to give a big thanks to our partners at Dante32, who have been extremely helpful in guiding us through every step of this process, and ultimately producing our podcast.

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