Careers at 8th Light

8th Light was founded to be a place where those who care about the quality of software can thrive.

Working at 8th Light means you want to be challenged, supported, and inspired—by your team, your client projects, and your community.

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Join 8th Light

Because you do more than just design and develop software—you craft. You care about the work you do, and take pride in creating software that makes the world a better place. Our three core values inform every aspect of our careers.


We prioritize the humans behind every screen—including those who build it.

  • Competitive benefits
  • Sustainable pace and work-life balance
  • One-on-one professional development support


Our company culture is built around our shared passion for continuous learning.

  • Rotating client work
  • Manager Training
  • Sharing experiences through Meetups, blogs, and regular internal talks


We take pride in our company, because we’ve all helped build it.

  • Mentors train their future coworkers in the apprenticeship program
  • Employee Ownership
  • Code of Conduct for our company, our clients, and our community events
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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

We believe that diversity makes our team better. We have a proud tradition of hiring talented colleagues regardless of their experience at previous companies or any degrees they’ve earned. We’re more interested in your growth, results, and passion to make an impact on software teams. We recognize that creating a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization is an ongoing journey, and we’re excited to share our journey with you.

We also partner with a variety of organizations to help foster a community and an industry that is welcoming and inclusive to everyone who is passionate about building quality software. If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch!

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Our Benefits

8th Light offers competitive benefits packages to help us foster an environment where everyone can grow professionally and personally.

For US Employees

  • Competitive health, dental, and vision
  • benefits
  • Matching 401(k)
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Equal parent leave for all employees
  • Wellness Days
  • Life and supplemental life insurance
  • Pre-tax Flexible Spending Health Account and Health Savings Account
  • Pre-tax FSA Dependent Care Account
  • Pre-tax FSA commuter benefits
  • Pet insurance
  • Day of Service
  • Learning & Development budget

For UK Employees

  • Contribution to your pension
  • Cycle-to-work scheme
  • Wellness expense
  • Enhanced adoption pay and maternity pay
  • Enhanced paternity leave and pay
  • Enhanced sick leave
  • Eyecare contributions
  • Private health insurance
  • Three day closure between Christmas and New Year
  • Travel insurance
  • Day of Service
  • Learning & Development budget
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Our Work

Throughout your career at 8th Light, you’ll be staffed on a variety of projects for an average of 6-12 months. On each project you’ll work alongside client teams and coworkers to introduce new practices and processes, and improve the quality of software systems in all different industries and technologies.

Our partners include innovative startups and established industry leaders looking for new ways that software can improve their business. This variety allows our team of generalists and specialists to explore and implement solutions in dozens of different languages, frameworks, and domains.

We know that every software system is a unique product of its business domain, teams, and tech stacks. Through our apprenticeship and ongoing education initiatives, our team stays on top of current industry trends, while remaining anchored in the underlying technical and human processes that lead to higher quality experiences.

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Our internal apprenticeship program has been the engine of our success since 8th Light was first founded by a mentor and apprentice in 2006. This program allows us to prioritize curiosity and creativity over credentials, and hire people who are wired for collaboration and ingenuity, no matter their background.

Each apprenticeship curriculum is unique to your needs, and is structured around a matrix of lessons and skills we’ve identified as integral to a successful career. Throughout your apprenticeship you’ll gain a holistic understanding of the software delivery process through self-study projects, small team projects, and joining client teams to get comfortable with all the formal and informal aspects of being a consultant on large teams delivering complex software systems.

We hire apprentices in small groups to build strong connections and offer a collaborative learning environment at all levels of your employment.

Want to know more?

Here are some resources we hope can help you learn more about our company. If you have any more questions, send us a message!

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Current openings

At 8th Light, we’re aware of the confidence gap, impostor syndrome, stereotype threat, and privilege of implicit endorsement.

We don’t want to miss great candidates. Don’t let doubt deter you from joining our team. Please apply!