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Providing simple and reliable information about IVF clinics during a global crisis.

Starting and growing a family can be an incredibly exciting time. It also can be a period of stress. And when the COVID-19 pandemic limited hospital capacity, surrogates and potential families found themselves facing even more uncertainty in their journey. Chicago-based egg donation and surrogacy agency ConceiveAbilities wanted to decrease some of that uncertainty by providing timely and accurate information about IVF clinic availability.

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Providing critical information through crowdsourcing.

Without a technical staff, ConceiveAbilities was looking for a unique solution that broadened the amount of data that could be collected and made available. Inspired by other decentralized databases, they decided to build a website to display crowdsourced data directly from clinics and provide a simple, clear picture about the availability of egg donation and surrogacy services near them.

I wanted to personally thank you again for all of your hard work on Because of this work during the pandemic, when access to reproductive treatment and care was severely restricted, we had the ability to reach patients who needed access to care and resources. Thank you for making this possible!

Nazca Fontes

A lightweight solution.

Built with Netlify CMS, the MVP website prioritized simplicity and ease of use to empower nontechnical stakeholders to manage and update. Data is populated manually, based on results from a survey of partner clinics. A website with an embedded survey continues to gather data from additional sources, and a Google Maps integration lets users type in their address to locate the nearest available clinic.

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  • UI Design



  • Gatsby
  • Google Places API
  • GraphQL
  • Jest
  • Netlify CMS
  • React