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Women Employed

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Leading change for women’s advocacy through content-driven design.

Founded in 1973, Women Employed works to improve the economic status of women and remove barriers to economic equity. By working directly with city- and state-level policy makers and partnering with affiliates across the country, the Chicago-based organization helps effect policy change, expand access to educational opportunities, and advocate for fair and inclusive workplaces so that women, families, and communities can thrive.

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Understanding audience motivations.

Despite the important work they do, Women Employed’s website struggled to connect, engage, and activate its target audience. The website attracted visitors seeking jobs, rather than audiences interested in advocacy work. The organization needed a refined message and vibrant website that better educated visitors and funneled them toward opportunities to get involved.

I often hear comments from supporters that our new site is so bright and engaging, that it really invites you in, and that the boldness of it really reflects the boldness of the work we do.

Judy Miyashita
Director of Marketing and Communications
Women Employed

Removing technical barriers to facilitate human connections.

8th Light’s world-class design team thoughtfully collaborated with Women Employed and their website users to discover, define, and craft a more human-centered design. With a clarified and refocused message, user testing validated the direction. Additionally a brand new and intuitive content management system empowers the staff to maintain and update their content going forward.

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A new platform for engagement.

After deploying the updated website, Women Employed saw immediate and lasting improvements in their ability to attract and engage an active community. Compared to the previous 12 months, the redesigned website's first year saw:

  • 3.5% increase in users

  • 50.2% increase in returning users

  • 14.8% increase in sessions

  • 17.8% increase in pageviews

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