Tom Kowal

Tom Kowal

Project Director

At 8th Light, Tom Kowal brings a blend of technical expertise and leadership to his role as Project Director. His decade-long journey in full-stack programming has been marked by significant contributions across a diverse array of tech stacks. An experienced software professional, Tom has a passion for not just improving software systems, but also the processes that create them. From a new platform for the U.S. Department of Defense to APIs at the heart of international entertainment companies, Tom has worked with a variety of clients.

In his tenure at 8th Light, Tom has been instrumental in driving projects to success, marked by his ability to merge technology and business perspectives. Tom’s commitment to hands-on technical leadership is evident in his active involvement in infrastructure and security projects. He has helped his clients introduce capabilities like infrastructure-as-code, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and security standards.

Alongside these technical endeavors, Tom places a strong emphasis on team development and learning. His leadership style is defined by humility and a high-end ability to engage and uplift his team members. Tom’s approach to project management is holistic, focusing not just on the technical deliverables but also on the growth and satisfaction of his team. His initiatives, like interactive workshops and book clubs, have been pivotal in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

His role extends beyond mere project direction; Tom is a mentor and a guide. He is known for making well-informed architectural decisions amid complex requirements, valuing team input, and adapting to new information. Tom’s empathy and inclusivity in team interactions have not only strengthened team dynamics but have also modeled positive values for his colleagues.