Unlock your team’s potential with an in-depth and customized assessment.

From tech hurdles to team dynamics, we dive as deep as you need us to, providing actionable insights.


Empower individuals, unify teams

We assess your team’s skills to identify gaps in meeting business goals by diving into individual skill mapping, team cohesion, and organizational culture. We even assess hiring and onboarding processes, as well as employee morale, to offer a thorough understanding of human resources and their alignment with your systems.


Optimize for efficiency & predictability

From project management and bug reporting to data strategies and disaster recovery, we tailor our analysis to give you a granular view. We aim to identify opportunities for leaner, more effective operational processes - guaranteeing efficient and predictable delivery outcomes.


Elevate quality and architecture

Our assessment digs deep into code quality, data architecture, and even questions architectural choices made in the past - evaluating the readiness to achieve your strategic objectives. By examining cloud architecture, deployment, security, quality, and code structure, we identify issues, risks, and hotpots that provide insights and recommendations for your system to for a high-quality and secure codebase that aligns with your long-term goals, compliance, and best practices.


Maximizing product impact

If you aren’t building software that will delight your end users, everything else is just background noise. We carefully inspect your product prioritization methods to ensure you maximize your value proposition and business impact with minimal exertion. By analyzing your feedback loops and measuring expected outcomes, our recommendations will help you fine-tune your approach to consistently building the right thing.

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Could your business benefit from a customized expert software assessment? 

Our checklist presents essential questions, indicating when a thorough assessment of your software is necessary for optimization and sustained success.

Your blueprint for robust, future-ready systems.

At 8th Light, we customize each assessment to your unique challenges. We don’t just identify architectural hindrances and complexity hotspots in your codebase; we offer actionable strategies that help you streamline your systems and processes for quicker, more efficient delivery. Experience an assessment that understands you and guides you toward strategic advancement.

If an assessment seems like the next step for your organization, our downloadable guide offers an inside look into what this foundational roadmap to success could mean for your team — helping you make an informed decision before taking the next step.

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"Your involvement was an incredibly important driver in getting to [our desired] outcome. Would love to have you involved post closing."

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