Access, analyze, and take action on your data.

Amidst the noise, find and leverage the signals that can unlock your business.


Build scalable data architectures

Choose the right data store for your use case to avoid rework and ensure system performance. Our data engineers consider your entire ecosystem — including expected read and write workloads, data shape, and foreseeable changes — to understand the most cost-effective, performant, and scalable data store for your needs.


Manage data for the long term

As your business evolves, so will the way you want to work with your data. Leverage data pipelines and ETL services to meet your evolving business by establishing versioning, monitoring, and safe change management.


Enable efficient data-driven decisions

Deploying machine learning models necessitates different software engineering considerations than other data practices. Use design thinking, understanding users of the models and the teams that support their infrastructure to prioritize data quality and maintainability.


Avoid pitfalls by adopting an always-on approach

Your business will need guardrails in place to ensure you protect user data. Ensure your data architecture is secure and compliant, and solidify proper business processes to support maintaining adherence.

The Future of Data Engineering

Head of technology Brad Ediger weighs in on what was unthinkable a decade ago with regard to data, what's possible today, and what the next decade might have in store.

Making Data Useful and Accessible

As a key driver of your business, your data should be intertwined with your software development efforts. We help teams adopt a DataOps mindset that bridges the divide between data and software, and get your engineering and data teams working together. We’ll work closely with your team to choose the right metrics, ensure the quality of your data, and test the appropriate hypotheses.

Data Capabilities

  • Business Operations Infrastructure
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Product Analytics
  • UX Analytics
"8th Light provided clear communication, rationalization of architectural choices, and all around great delivery. The documentation and handoff notes provided at the end of the project were the best I've seen on a technical project."

Maria Demopoulos

Project Director
Health Worker Data Alliance

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