Foster the growth of your next generation of software professionals.

Unlock your team’s full potential with a modern approach to training and skill development.

Leverage 8th Light’s various capability development programs to level up your software teams through through training programs, design and agile coaching, and onboarding support. Our customized programs align to business goals to meet your team where they are.


Build your onboarding program through training

Reduce the time it takes for new hires to make an impact by focusing on training during their customized onboarding period. Our proven onboarding model supports any type of technical training with a specific focus on coaching and mentoring that will set up all your new hires for success.


Tailored and customized topical sessions

Introduce hands-on practical training courses designed to upskill your teams of software professionals on various topics. From approaches like Test-Driven Development to languages and frameworks including Python, React, and AWS and paradigms such as Object Oriented Programming, 8th Light offers a variety of customizable training programs to level up your teams.

8th Light skill development

Industry-leading Apprenticeship Model

Over the past 17 years, our training-based onboarding and apprenticeship program has cultivated more than 300 next-generation software professionals.

Benefit from improved recruitment, retention, and advancement with skill development offerings that fit your team.

We believe in the positive impact a learning culture has on an organization. From its founding in 2006, 8th Light has leveraged the apprenticeship model to help solve the challenges facing software teams. Now with extensive experience in building teams through apprenticeship and mentorship, our programs apply an interdisciplinary approach to enable clients to build teams.


Expand your talent pipeline and diversify your teams.

Committing to ongoing and integrated training allows you to recruit for curiosity and creativity over credentials.


Create an environment where engineers can thrive.

The proper career development support leads to high retention as your team doesn’t see any need to explore other options.


Cross-train and elevate each contributor.

Expand and scale knowledge throughout your organization to ensure everyone has the opportunity and proper support to grow in their roles.

"The apprenticeship really showed us that we could take people we maybe wouldn’t have taken a chance on before, and we could ramp them up to be successful developers."

Todd Erickson

VP of Development
Software Solutions Integrated

Advocate for a culture of learning.

We embrace ongoing learning as a necessity in the longevity of a software career — that's why education is one of our values. And we're not alone. Check out what others are saying about the impact of continuing education programs.

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