Sharing What We Know

Events and videos for lifelong learners.

8th Light University is a speaker series curated and facilitated by 8th Light’s global team of software, design, and technology professionals.

Topics range far and wide — from technical deep dives to exploratory panel discussions — and always carry insights on improving the quality of software product, design, and development. Our presentations are inspired by the work we do every day, with the goal of helping us all with the work of tomorrow. Software professionals of all skill levels are welcome!

Network with professionals and a community of learners.

Speakers are primarily (but not exclusively) members of our team, sharing lessons and insights gained from their own experiences working on projects with global industry leaders and boutique startup projects alike.

Events are advertised on Meetup, streamed live and recorded, and shared afterward on YouTube. We hope to someday soon return to hosting events in a physical space in Chicago.

All skill levels are welcome! Event participants are expected to be familiar with and adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Watch past event videos on YouTube.
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